Our Ingredients ­

The food we make is only as good as the ingredients we use. I make everything from scratch using ingredients that are of superior quality, many that are produced in our local community.

We aim to conscientiously and responsibly source ingredients for the wellbeing of humans, animals, and the earth. We carefully research ingredients and purchase from companies with transparent supply chains, that treat animals ethically, and that practice sustainable farming (respectively).

We use flour from wheat organically grown in Minnesota and milled by Baker’s Field in Minneapolis and Whole Grain Milling in Welcome, MN. Our bread flour comes from Emerson Wheat grown by Luke Peterson near Dawson, MN. Our pastry flour is white wheat sourced from Natural Way Mills in Middle River, MN. Most of our products use a sifted flour, which has some of the bran removed, but retains the germ, endosperm, and about 20% of the bran.

Our produce comes from our own garden or local farmers, with the exception of fruits that do not grow in our climate (such as lemons).

We also source our eggs from family farms and use organic milk and cream.

We use Guittard chocolate which has a beautiful taste and is Fair Trade Certified.

Our vanilla is Fair Trade pure vanilla bean paste from Singing Dog Vanilla.

All of our syrups and extracts are 100% pure. We do not use any artificial flavors.

If you have questions about any of our ingredients, please feel free to email Elisabeth at