Our Packaging ­

When I worked as a chef in Albuquerque my recycling efforts were a bit of a joke amongst the kitchen crew. After finding out that our restaurant didn’t recycle I started bringing plastics home with me to put in my personal recycling bin. It was a pretty dubious attempt, but they were supportive and even started setting things aside for me rather than throwing them away. Later when I worked at a bakery (which did recycle), I felt guilty packaging our product in single-use plastic bags and containers. I knew when I began making plans to open my own bakery that I wanted to do things differently.

At Rosemary & Lavender we have the same standards for our packaging that we have for our food: we source it responsibly and use sustainable materials. Currently 95% of our packaging is both compostable and derived from renewable resources. We are working towards having 100% of our packaging be compostable. In keeping with this we also use reusable piping bags and sheet tray liners to minimize waste in the kitchen.

Our goal is to make responsible disposal of Rosemary & Lavender packaging as easy as possible for our customers. Below you can learn how to appropriately dispose of our packaging.


Our bags are backyard compostable and marine degradable and are sourced from Elevate Packaging.


Our cupcake containers are made from plant-based plastic and can be composted in an industrial facility. They are from LINDAR, located locally in Minnesota. If you return cupcake containers to us, we are happy to deliver them for responsible disposal.

Non-Compostable Packaging

We currently use about 95% compostable packaging. We are still working on sourcing compostable packaging large enough for our bread.